Why you should hire an interior designer to help sell your property: Part 1

As one of the most unprecedented years of relentless house market appreciation comes to an end, many people are looking to sell their homes. As a number of factors converge to reduce the pressure on the housing market (increased costs of mortgages, lower clearance rates and reduced affordability) it is increasingly unlikely that we will continue to see the sort of price increases that we have just witnessed in 2021. And for many, this is a good thing. It gives buyers a chance to breathe without the incessant fear of missing out. Whilst sellers can be more certain they are going to miss on more runway increases in property value.

However, if you are selling, it may be wise to put in that extra effort. We have all heard the real estate mantra that it is ‘a seller's market’ and yes, it still is. However, with huge demand and reduced supply in recent days, you would have been forgiven for thinking (rightly) that your property would almost sell itself. Hence, you could afford to sell it ‘as is’.

Now that we are seeing a cooling off of the market, with clearance rates reduced, it could be time to put that extra effort into the sale of your home so that you get the best price you can, and also that it does not remain on the market too long (a situation which in turns makes buyers wonder ‘why has no one bought this’?). This is where an interior designer can be worth engaging.

Advantages of using an interior designer

1. They can focus on your home whilst you juggle everything else

Now you could be thinking "I could do this myself" -please don't. It is not that you don't have impeccable style, but there is a fine art to presenting your home in its best light. Also, you will no doubt be engaging property surveyors (and the accompanying paperwork) as well as arranging repairs and other touch-ups. Let the designer focus on your home, and they will do a better and more efficient job.

Fresh eyes and objectivity

You likely know your property back to front, including the good, the bad and the ugly. And this knowledge makes you biased, and lack clarity.  A professional designer can come in with completely fresh eyes - without emotion - and give objective recommendations as to what is the best action to take (and what to leave) to get the best price in the current market. This saves you debating with the family, yourself, or the real estate agent as to what is the best for the sale. 

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They have great props (that you don't have to buy!)

An established interior designer will have a range of throws, classy books, lamps, furniture and other items that would be prohibitively expensive to buy, but will make your home sing. Simple actions like having matching linen in all the rooms can create a sense of ‘flow’ to your home that is pleasing to the buyer. Remember, whilst people believe that they are completely logical when it comes to buying a home, a huge part of our decision-making process is based on emotion, and so you want prospective buyers to feel at ease and inspired when they see your house.

But what if your house is dated? Perhaps you were long overdue for a kitchen renovation? Read on in Part 2 where we delve further into the value of an interior designer. 

Written by Ben Saravia,  

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