The Final Checklist: What to arrange before the final move

When buying a property, there are so many things to consider that at some point you will likely find yourself relying on a good old fashioned checklist to ensure that you don’t drop the ball. A solid checklist doesn’t just prevent forgotten tasks, but will also make sure things progress as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

So you have found the (almost) perfect house? Check. Found a property conveyancer? Check. You’ve then arranged your Pre-purchase pest and building inspections and everything turned out fine. Contracts have been signed and the house is now officially yours! Now all you have to do is arrange a removalist and say goodbye to the neighbours - right?

Well not so fast! The good news is that the big jobs are done. The bad news is that there is still a lot to do before that first ‘big sleep’.

Update all your contact details

It is vital (and in some cases a legal requirement) to update your contact details when or before you move home. Make sure that you have addressed the following areas.


The obvious one here is your driving licence. Ensure that you let the relevant authority in your state know of your new address. They will often send you a sticker to place over your existing licence address. If you are moving to a new state, you will eventually need to change your licence altogether to that of the state you are now in. Most states allow you a few months to do this.


It is important to ensure that you let the Australian Tax Office and any other relevant government authorities know when and where you are moving.


Ensure that Medicare, any private health insurance provider, your dentist and your local GP are aware that you are changing locations. When you register for new services, you will be required to provide the details of your previous providers so that they are able to request records from your previous practitioner.

Banking and Financial:

Let your bank and any financial institutions, including your superannuation fund, that you have moved address.


If your current property is insured for contents, you may want to change this over to your new property or cancel the policy altogether. Do also remember to let any car insurance, personal insurance or roadside assist memberships know that you have moved.

Gyms and local memberships:

If you don’t want to get stung paying fees for memberships and services that you will no longer be able to use, ensure that you let your gym and any clubs know that you are planning to leave them long before you do. Some services have extended notice periods that you may have forgotten about since you originally signed up.


If you have been given a single set of keys, you will want to get extra copies cut before you move in. Better yet, it is always a great idea to have the locks changed on your new home for extra security. This way, you know that you are really the only one who has the access to your new home!

Gas, Electrical and Water:

Ensure that you give all your existing utility providers lots of notice, in writing, that you are moving out.

Giving ample notice allows them time to arrange to visit the site for any final readings, arrange final bills, or to organise to transfer your account to the new property. It also allows providers to arrange to turn off utilities once you are gone. It is really important that you are organised here, as the last thing you want is to be happily moved into your new home and realise you are still liable for the bills of your last home.

Likewise, make sure that you have arranged for all utilities in your new home to be switched on before your move in, or you may find yourself enjoying that first night by candlelight!


You might decide to rent a van or hire a team of removalists. Whatever you choose, do not wait until the week before you move to organise this! If you wait till the last minute, you may find yourself having to pay extra as you don’t have the option to shop around and get the best price, or worst, doing it all yourself!


Regardless of how clean you are, once a house is fully emptied of all belongings, there will always be unseen dirt that was previously inaccessible. Use this opportunity to ensure that these areas are addressed before you move in! This also applies to your old home - arrange for any cleaners to arrive after your belongings are gone. This will make it easier for everyone.

Final thoughts
When moving home, checklists are the key to ensuring that you sleep well at night! Make sure that you leave nothing to the last minute, and notify everyone who needs to know about your move long before the moving date. This way, come the big day, you can concentrate on the exciting new home that awaits you!

Written by Ben Saravia,  

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