Do I need a Pre Purchase inspection when buying a new build?

You’ve found your future home, you’ve made an offer, and it's been accepted! At this point, your contracts are drawn up and the responsibility falls upon you, the buyer, to ensure that there are no hidden defects, pending repairs or structural issues with your new property.

Your contract will be conditional on pre-purchase pest, building and legal reports. But if the property is a new build, do you really need to have a builder carry out a standard pre-purchase building report? After all, everything from the walls to the fans and fittings are shiny and brand new, right?

The answer is 100%, absolutely yes. It is essential, regardless of the age, location or appearance of the property (or assurances from vendors, real estate agents or the builder of the property himself), that you have any property you intend to purchase checked by an independent and verified builder.

New properties can have unseen problems too.

Very often, new builds are constructed by multiple teams and a lot of work is subcontracted. As such, there can be variation in the oversight and or quality of work. What you might not be able to see, an experienced building inspector will notice. 

Find an independent building inspector.

It is essential to get an independent, licensed builder to conduct a pre-purchase inspection report on the new property. In many cases, you may be able to attend with them. Remember, this inspector works for you and will be looking out for your best interests. An independent pre-purchase building report is often more detailed and certainly more recent than those that can be provided by developers or local councils. Buying a home is a significant investment, and a building inspector will be able to deliver a detailed report that can be given to the developer or existing builder, and any defects can be rectified before sale.

Is your inspector licenced and qualified?

It is essential that any pre-purchase building inspections are carried out by qualified, licensed and insured builders. Not only will they deliver a professional service, but should anything be overlooked, then you may be able to claim off the inspectors insurance. PestBuildLegals verifies all its service providers to ensure that they are in full compliance, so every professional you’re connected with will be legitimate.

Assemble your team:

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. The process can be lengthy and sometimes stressful - but don’t be disheartened! This is all part of the necessary process. Remember, there really is no such thing a defect-free home, so you should expect some minor defects as you go through these steps, and these can either be resolved, or you can make alternative arrangements (saving yourself a lot of hassle long-term).

However, once you have purchased the home, everything (including any faults) now becomes yours. Buying a home really is about assembling a team of professionals that can help ensure you make a sound decision, and to do that you must arrange your PestBuildLegals, letting trusted experts do what they do best.

Next Steps:

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Written by Ben Saravia,  

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