Facebook Ads Vs PestBuildLegals leads

Before we specialised in digital marketing, the team at PestBuildLegals had a long history within the Real Estate, Building and Insurance industries (you can read more about our backgrounds here! ).  Over the years, we have worked with businesses of all sizes - from the Gold Coast to Surfers Paradise and Brisbane

What we learnt

Many of our clients wanted to increase their revenue by acquiring more high value customers, but they did not necessarily have the time or funds to commit to long and multifaceted online marketing campaigns such as Google and Facebook.

Recently, we took a closer look  at what makes a high value, quality lead in this blog ( insert hyperlink to PBl Blog 2 of 12 V1.0 Not all leads are created equal). In it we looked at how Google leads compare to those generated by PestBuildLegals.

But what about Facebook, and more specifically, Facebook ads?  For a business, what is the difference between setting up a campaign on Facebook vs registering with PestBuildLegals? 

Two big differences between PestBuildLegals and Facebook Campaigns


A Facebook campaign takes time. Advertising through Facebook requires that you identify your target demographic, and then you pay for Facebook to present your service to the user as they browse. Don’t get us wrong - Facebook in many ways has revolutionised marketing. If you have a Facebook account for your business ( and you should! ), we recommend that you keep doing what you are doing ( if it's working). Like most successful social media accounts, business owners or a member of their team need to ensure that their Facebook campaigns are consistently monitored and maintained. This requires an investment in both time and money, and in many cases busy businesses just don't have these resources freely available. With leads generated by PestBuildLegals, you simply bid for new leads as and when you want them. No need for marketing. No need to manage, monitor and adjust social media campaigns, and best of all, no unforeseen expenses.

Facebook Vs PBL:  Push vs Pull

When comparing a Facebook AD campaign with PestBuildLegals lead generation, it is important to differentiate between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ marketing. 

Push Marketing is like the leaflets that you receive through the front door, or those adverts that appear in your Facebook feed that you didn't ask for or really want!  As you can imagine, push marketing is not as effective as ‘pull’ marketing.  At PestBuildLegals, people find us when they are looking to get a number of quotes to compare and save time.

Having found us and entered the information, the potential customer wants to hear more, and is expecting your call. Pull marketing gets you much higher quality customer enquiries, where customers in need of your services at that specific time.

What it comes down to:

A well-coordinated Social Media campaign can no doubt bring benefits to a business if properly planned, executed and managed over time. However, when the objective is to acquire new customers, with no significant outlay or commitment to a long-term campaign, and with almost no time commitment, www.pestbuildlegals.com.au is the easiest and most effective solution. All you need to do is to simply click here  to complete our easy and quick sign up and verification process. You only do this once, and you can choose to receive leads when you want them, as long as you have the time to service them! 

Written by Ben Saravia,  

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