Combining Facebook and Video To Generate New Business

Now more than ever, it is essential that businesses that want to survive and thrive ensure that they have a consistent flow of new clients.

This is especially true in real estate. Homebuyers overwhelmingly turn to the internet when looking for help buying property. Once they find their future home, the next thing they will do is look for legal representation, followed by pest and building pre-purchase inspections.

Here we look at how you can combine the power of Facebook AND video marketing to really make a difference to your bottom line.


People of all ages use Facebook, and used wisely, a Facebook campaign can target a specific user in the area that your business operates in. For example, you could advertise to married couples between the ages of 30 - 45 within the Gold Coast. This demographic is statistically most likely to be looking for property to purchase, and therefore will need to arrange pre-purchase inspections. Conversely, the largest users of Facebook are people over 65! So, if you want to target retirees looking for a retirement home, Facebook could be just the answer.

The key to Facebook success is being specific. Do not just make an ad and then hit the ‘boost button’. Instead, take the time to specify what your budget is (known as the ‘ad spend’) allocate a given time frame for the ad to run, and specify what area and to whom it targets!

For example, you could allocate $300 per month for over 65’s in Burleigh Heads. Now that you have set your parameters, you must test and measure and see what works. I.e. How many leads did you get from the ad after a month? Are these leads good quality? In perfecting their ad campaigns, some businesses will run multiple adverts to see what gets the best results.

Alternatively, you could get a digital marketing agency to do all this for you. Whilst this can be costly, if you are clear about your objectives and budget, they could save you a lot of time and lost money and will most likely get you better results.

Leveraging Video

Video remains the most engaging form of advertising available today. If a user goes to your website and there is a video of you, explaining the importance of the inspection, and how you go about it, is it is much more valuable to them than simply seeing text. If you can provide value, you develop trust. People who trust you are more likely to want to hire you. Show them what a termite infestation looks like. Explain the extensive process and care that you take when you conduct a building inspection. Gently explain how your conveyancing business is different from or better value than your competitors.

Say it once, but it lasts forever

The other great thing about making a video (or a series of videos) is that they last forever, and you can reuse them across many platforms such as Facebook, your website, Instagram, and all social media that you use.

Be authentic

When making videos, you must ensure that that you look and come across as authentic. The best way? Don’t overthink it! Make sure you speak clearly, talk from the heart, and get your key messages across. Sure, you could consider hiring a videography company to come and make a professional video for you, but if you don’t have the time or resources, then using a mobile phone and enlisting the help of friend or colleague will do. The key thing is not to worry about perfection, get your message across and educate your future customer!

It takes two to tango: combining Facebook and Video

The reason that you see so many videos on Facebook is that they are so popular and effective. People prefer watching a video. If you decide to run a Facebook campaign, be sure to enhance your results by being highly specific and having a video that talks directly to the customer. If you don’t have a campaign, you could still utilise video on your website and also on Facebook, simply by using the free posting options.

Is there an alternative? PestBuildLegals

You would be forgiven for thinking that you don’t have time for all this. Whilst we would encourage you to give it a go, we also understand that many of us are just too busy. This is why we started PestBuildLegals.

As part of the PBL network, you only pay for the leads you receive, at a rate that is significantly lower than the market average. There are no ongoing costs, and if you find you have too many leads (a great problem to have!), you can simply choose to only take them up as and when you please.

If you are interested in hassle-free, high-quality leads, then now is the time to join the PBL network and see the potential of your business to grow.

Written by Ben Saravia,  

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