5 Tips to converting enquiries to lifelong customers

Anyone who runs their own business will know that it often feels like this is a never-ending list of things to do! On top of providing a great service, there is the valuable time required to ensure that your marketing is actually working i.e. that you are getting a consistent flow of high-quality enquiries that become customers!  ( Click here to read our article on what really makes a high-quality lead for your business ).

We know your industry 

PestBuildLegals is new Australian business owned by former builders and real estate professionals that specialise in digital marketing.  Our online platform www.pestbuildlegals.com.au  allows people that are in the process of buying a property to enter their details and receive quotes for pre-purchase building and pest inspections, as well as real estate conveyancing and legal services - all in one go.

No ringing around and comparing pricing for each service. Once we have received and verified an enquiry, we provide this lead directly to you ( the provider )  at much less than the market cost. Click here to read about how to assess the value of a lead.

What is a verified lead? 

We know that you are busy, and so we want to make sure that you only get high quality motivated leads, and avoid any tyre-kickers and time wasters.  Only those enquiries that have confirmed settlement dates and all contact details are passed on to you. From here, all you have to do is contact the customer, who will be expecting your call! It's that easy.

But wait!

Whilst it is that easy to receive hot leads from PBL, a lead is not a guarantee of new business. A high-quality lead provides you with the opportunity to acquire new business, and to convert that lead into revenue.  It therefore makes sense that when you have invested a lead, that you give yourself the best chance of converting that lead into a new customer.

Here are some tips that we recommend Pest Build and Legal providers follow to increase their chances of converting leads into a paying customer:

  1. First in, best dressed. We promise to get a new lead out to you within an hour of receiving it. Once we have received and verified the enquiry, we send this to you via any device, email address, or straight to your phone. When you receive this lead, you should call them as soon as possible! The sooner you make that contact, the more likely you are to convert the enquiry. The longer you leave it, the more likely they will go elsewhere.
  2. Have a clear outline of your services. When you call the client, ensure that you are clear on the key facets of your business and how it can help make the process easier for them.  It doesn't have to be a long list. It could simply be

    “What our clients love about us is that we are able to liaise with the real estate agent directly to arrange access to conduct the pest and building report. Then we give you a quick call on the day, followed by a more detailed report emailed to you within 24 hours of attending the property.”

  3. Be across the information that was provided in the lead. Knowing the client settlement date, and showing an interest, will make them have more faith in you and helps to build rapport.
  4. Smile! People are more likely to go with you if they like you. When making a call, make sure that you are in a good environment, that they can hear you clearly, and remember to sound upbeat and smile.
  5. How you end your call is critical. Before you end your chat, do remember to ask them if there are any questions they may have or areas they might be unclear of. At this stage, you can outline what the next steps are going forward. This could be as simple as:

    “What will happen now is that I will send you over a quote of our services and my details and you can call me if you have any further questions” 

By keeping these five tips in mind, and providing a quality service, you will maximise your chance of success with every lead you receive from us.

Written by Ben Saravia,  

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